A PureSave account is an excellent way to help you save toward a goal. Plus, your savings are immediately available. PureSave is an easy to use card-based savings account for customers who want to build up their savings. The idea behind putting your savings away in the bank is to keep your money safe while allowing it to grow. With the PureSave Account from Stanbic Bank, your savings will earn attractive interest. Extra savings can be added to your account at any time and funds are available if and when you need them. Pure Save is designed to help you save rather than Spend.

What does it offer me?

•    Attractive interest rates
•    Pure save account is available in all major currencies (UGX, USD, GBP, EUR).
•    No Maturity or expiry date
•    No limitation on transactions
•    Free ATM transactions
•    Instant access to funds via the ATM

What do I need to apply?

•    2  passport size photographs
•    Valid Identity card (passport, driver’s license, work Id)
•    Recommendation letter from employer/LC/existing customer
•    Minimum deposit of UGX 200,000

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